2017 Interim Operating and Capital Budget

At the November 9, 2016 Special Council Meeting, Council passed the 2017 Operating and Capital Budgets.
2017 Operating Budget
2017 Capital Projects Budget

Reeve Bob Long also compiled a summary message in regards to the 2017 Budget.

2016 Budget Highlights

Tangible Capital Asset Projects
$9 Million ($5.75M Reserves, $1.60M Grants, $1.66M Operating)

Non Tangible Capital Asset Projects - Studies, Plans $165,000 ($130K Reserves, $35K Operating)
Non Tangible Capital Asset Projects - Road Projects $1.125 Million (funded: Operating)
Gravel Acquisition & Projects $2.95 Million (funded: Operating)
Transfer to Gravel Reserve $266,600 (funded: Operating)

Equipment Replacement Plan $1.57 Million (funded: Reserves)

New Capital Equipment $573,500 (funded: Operating)

Contribution to Capital Equipment Reserve $2.15 million (funded: Operating)

Contribution to Water Service Area Reserve $1.63 Million (funded: Operating Water Service Area Tax)