Boards and Committees

 Kneehill County Council participates on many boards and committees as part of their duties of a Councillor. The appointments are decided annually at the Organizational Meeting, as per the Municipal Government Act, usually held in October.

Policy 3.3- Board and Committee Appointments

Members from the community are asked to join Council Committees such as the Ag Services Board.

Board Name
Agricultural Service Board

Council Member Chairman: Brian Holsworth
Council Members: Jerry Wittstock, Carol Calhoun, Ken Hoppins
Alternate Council Member: Glen Keiver
Rate Payer Members:  Neil Bertsch, Rick Vickery, Charlotte Johnson, Matt Sawyer
Secretary to the Board: Appointed by CAO

Agricultural Appeal Board

Same as the SDAB Appeal Board
Alberta Health Services Health Advisory Council

Kneehill Regional Emergency Management Committee

Reeve, Deputy Reeve, CAO

Aqua 7

Council Member: Jerry Wittstock
Alternate Member: Brian Holsworth

Canadian Badlands Ltd

Council Member: Bob Long
Council Member or Member at Large: Brian Holsworth
Council Member or Member at Large: Glen Keiver

Central AB Economic Partnership
CAO Designate
Central Assoc of Municipal Districts & Counties Executive
Reeve or Deputy Reeve, & CAO

Community Action
(Three Hills/Trochu/Elnora/Delburne/RCMP)

Council Member: Bobby Painter
Alternate Member: Ken Hoppins

Community Futures
Wild Rose

Council Member: Glen Keiver
Alternate Member: Bobby Painter

Doctor Recruitment & Retention

Council Member: Bob Long
Alternate Member: Ken Hoppins
Secretary: Appointed by CAO

Drumheller and District Solid Waste Management Association

Council Member: Carol Calhoun
Alternate Member: Jerry Wittstock

Inter-Municipal Development Plan with Carbon
Composition: Municipal Planning Commission Vice Chairperson and Division 1 Councillor

Inter-Municipal Local Assessment Review Board

Member at Large: Maureen Chalack
Member at Large: Vacant
Clerk: Debra Grosfield
Alternate: CAO Designation

Kneehill Housing Corp

Council Member: Bob Long
Council Member: Ken Hoppins
Alternate Member: Glen Keiver

Kneehill Regional FCSS
Council Member: Bob Long
Alternate Member: Bobby Painter
Kneehill Regional Partnership Steering
Council Member: Brian Holsworth
Alternate Member: Bob Long
Marigold Library System
Council Member: Glen Keiver
Alternative Member: Ken Hoppins
Mayors/Reeves Liaison
Reeve or Deputy Reeve, and CAO
Medical Clinic Enhanced Services Review Committee
Council Member: Bob Long
Council Member: Jerry Wittstock
Council Member: Brian Holsworth
Municipal Planning Commission

Chairman: Brian Holsworth
Vice Chairman: Carol Calhoun
Council Members: Bob Long, Jerry Wittstock, Ken Hoppins, Glen Keiver, Bobby Painter
Members at Large: Rick Vickery, Doug Herman
Secretary to the Commission: Appointed by CAO

Parks and Recreation Committee
All of Council
Joint Inter-Municipal Planning Commission
(with Three Hills)
Council Members: Jerry Wittstock, Carol Calhoun
Alternate Council Member: Ken Hoppins
Secretary to the Commission: CAO Designation
Red Deer River Municipal Users Group
Council Member: Jerry Wittstock
Alternate Member: Ken Hoppins

Subdivision & Development Appeal Board

Members at Large: Bert Jackson (October 2005), Bill Zens (October 2005), Angus Park (October 2008), Steve Cullum (October 2008), Kent Knudsen (October 2008), Maureen Chalack, Dennis Dey
Secretary to the Board: CAO Designation

Joint Inter-Municipal SDAB
Same as SDAB
Secretary: CAO Designation