Agricultural Service Board and Culinary Tour


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On July 26, 2017, Kneehill County presents "From Farm to Table", the 2nd Annual Agricultural Service Board and Culinary Tour. 

The adventure begins at Horseshoe Canyon, with buses departing at 9:00 am to tour the countryside, highlighting the unique business opportunities, innovations in agriculture, and diverse recreation development Kneehill County has to offer. Entrepreneurs looking to expand or diversify their agricultural operation, source products from local producers, or start a tourism operation in Kneehill will witness the County's commercial potential first-hand. 

Planned tour stops will provide a full itinerary of home-grown, informative entertainment, starting with goat cheese, a little taste of Italy just north of Acme, and lunch served with a side of medieval times. Along the route delegates will enjoy the scenic rolling prairie fields, stunning vistas, endless blue skies and rugged rural landscapes that make Kneehill County home. A visit to lush gardens, a trip to a fresh local food store, and a stop to experience some of the County's most breathtaking views will complete the afternoon. 

Winding its way from farm to table, the tour ends back at Horseshoe Canyon where delegates will be treated to a unique long-table culinary experience, a meal showcasing locally-sourced items, prepared by local chefs, and set in the heart of the Canadian Badlands. 

Tickets are limited--get yours today! 

Innovations In Agriculture Summer Tour, 2016

On July 20
th, 2016, Kneehill County’s Agriculture Service Board had the pleasure of hosting their Innovations in Agriculture Summer Tour, where ratepayers were invited to observe and learn about various innovative practices happening within the County.

Attendees began the tour at the newly expanded County shop to showcase the additions that were made to ensure the structure was compliant with chemical storage codes. In addition to the storage unit, measures have been taken to minimize chemical exposure for County employees, which were also highlighted throughout the stop.

The Golden Acres Honey Farm was the second stop on the tour and allowed attendees to become educated on the massive production happening within our County, which provides honey for well-known brands including the “No Name” brand. After a catered lunch at Swalwell Dam, where ratepayers were shown the new Floating Islands and aeration units which were installed to help improve oxygen levels and water quality, the tour continued with a lesson on the nuances of electric fencing and ending the tour with a demonstration on using drones to collect data for variable rate fertilizing.

Ratepayers finished with a roast beef dinner on their return to the Three Hills Rural Hall after an exciting, informative day. Our Ag Service Board did a fantastic job organizing and due to the success, this may become an annual event.