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March 10, 2017



Kneehill County Public Safety Hosts Farm Equipment Discussion


Kneehill County Public Safety, in collaboration with Alberta Commercial Vehicle Enforcement, hosted a session on Farm Equipment & the Traffic Safety Act at the Acme Community Hall on Thursday, March 9. A crowd of about twenty residents enjoyed coffee and donuts and a chance to chat before the presentation began.

First to speak was Nicole Hornett, a Farm Safety Specialist with Alberta Farm Safety. Dedicated to providing Albertans with resources, awareness education and training, their slogan of “Make it safe, Make it visible,” marries Farm Safety with Traffic Safety, stressing the absolute necessity of both.

Traffic Officers Cody Patton and Claire Wiseman from Alberta Commercial Vehicle Enforcement were next, taking residents through a presentation that clarified the traffic exemptions affecting both farm equipment and commercial vehicles on Alberta roads. A lengthy discussion period followed, allowing attendees the chance to have all their questions answered.

Reiterated throughout the morning, by each presenter, was the emphasis on safety—not enforcement. Kneehill County Peace Officers enjoyed the opportunity to engage with Kneehill County residents, providing them with resources and flags to promote equipment visibility.

With worthwhile, relevant information addressing issues not commonly known, the Farm Exemption and Traffic Safety Act presentation was so well received, both in Acme and at the prior event held in Three Hills, which boasted over fifty attendants, that more information sessions are being planned. In the meantime, residents can download the Farm Exemption handout from Kneehill County’s website,



For more information contact Debra Grosfield, Communications 

Kneehill County 403-443-5541 

Traffic Exemption Handout

July 26, 2016

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Kneehill County invests in Horseshoe Canyon Tourism

At the May 10, 2016 Regular Meeting, Council moved forward on purchasing the privately owned area icon and tourism draw, Horseshoe Canyon. The land is located at SW 27-28-21-W4M in the southeast part of Kneehill County. The land title was transferred at the beginning of July, making the purchase official.

Council discussed the Horseshoe Canyon Action Plan at the July 26 Regular Council Meeting. Immediate plans consist of making the observation area safer for visitors, as drainage has caused washouts in many areas.

Kneehill County Agriculture and Parks Department continues to work on developing a long term plan to present to Council, including recreation areas, hiking trails and other developments that will support long termeconomic goals of our area.

Reeve Bob Long is excited to have the area under our wing, “Horseshoe Canyon is a gem in our prairie profile, a part of the Canadian Badlands. It’s an important attraction to maintain for our many visitors and residents to enjoy.”

Horseshoe Canyon parking area was originally under Kneehill County control through a long-term lease until the management of the property was turned over to Alberta Parks and Recreation in 1986. When the Province made plans to privatize or close the parking lot area in 1998, Kneehill County entered a partnership with the Town of Drumheller to further promote tourism in the region.

On September 6, 2002, the Horseshoe Canyon Conservation Area was opened by the Nature Conservancy of Canada. Kneehill County re-assumed ownership of the parking lot of the popular tourism stop in 2008, and pavement and bathrooms were added to upgrade the area.

With the full quarter now under ownership and operation of Kneehill County, we will be able to develop the recreation area while working with our neighbours, Nature Conservancy of Canada to the west of the parking area.


For more information contact Debra Grosfield, Communications 

Kneehill County 403-443-5541 

For more information on the Nature Conservancy of Canada, please visit their website.

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Archived News Releases:

News Release: On The Move
November 13, 2015

With the Kneehill County Administration Building and Medical Clinic taking shape east of the Three Hills Hospital, the domino effect of organizational moves is on the horizon.

The intended completion date for the Kneehill County Administration portion of the building is February 2016. As Administration moves out of their Main Office located at 232 Main Street Three Hills, the Town of Three Hills will prepare its Administration to move into that location, as they have outgrown their existing building as well.

At the same time, the Three Hills Library will move into the old Town of Three Hills municipal office upon renovations.

The region’s physicians will move into their 10,000 square foot wing of the Kneehill County Administration / Medical Clinic office sometime in April. Leaving the existing Three Hills Medical Clinic located at 779 2nd Street North vacant. Discussion has started for the potential move of Kneehill Regional Family and Community Support Services (KRFCSS) and the Seniors Outreach Society to this vacant location. Kneehill County Council has allocated $250,000 from the sale of the existing Kneehill Administration Office to be earmarked for renovations that may be required.

As a region, we are building our future, and working together to share the successes of our partnership. For more information, contact your municipal council.

Other Archived News Releases:

Solar Energy Addition to Building Dec 2015

July 26, 2016


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Kneehill County’s Innovations in Agriculture Summer Tour a Success


On July 20th, 2016, Kneehill County’s Agricultural Service Board had the pleasure of hosting their Innovations in Agriculture Summer Tour, where ratepayers were invited to observe and learn about various innovative practices happening within the County.

Attendees began the tour at the newly expanded County shop to showcase the additions that were made to ensure the structure was compliant with chemical storage codes. In addition to the storage unit, measures have been taken to minimize chemical exposure for County employees, which were also highlighted throughout the stop.

The Golden Acres Honey Farm was the second stop on the tour and allowed attendees to become educated on the massive production happening within our County, which provides honey for well-known brands including the “No Name” brand. After a catered lunch at Swalwell Dam, where ratepayers were shown the new Floating Islands and aeration units which were installed to help improve oxygen levels and water quality, the tour continued with a lesson on the nuances of electric fencing and ending the tour with a demonstration on using drones to collect data for variable rate fertilizing.

Ratepayers finished with a roast beef dinner on their return to the Three Hills Rural Hall after an exciting, informative day. Our Ag Service Board did a fantastic job organizing and due to the success, this may become an annual event.  



For more information contact Debra Grosfield, Communications 

Kneehill County 403-443-5541