Fire Permits

A Fire Ban has been LIFTED effective 8:30am on Monday, April 29, 2019. Fire Guardians have discretion and MAY NOT issue a permit if windy conditions are forecast.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Fill in your fire permit here.

The Fire Services Bylaw has recently been changed. 

Fire Permits are required year round

$500.00- 1st offence for lighting a fire without a permit. 

  • Prohibited debris definition: any material, that when burned, will result in the release to the atmosphere of dense smoke, offensive odors or a substance, the release of which is regulated, prohibited or controlled by the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act. Ex. chemical containers, rubber or plastic tires, combustible material in automobiles.
    $1000.00 (1st offence)
    $1500.00 (2nd offence)
    $2000.00 (3rd offence)
  • Offence: Obstructing the efforts of a Safety Codes Officer, Fire Inspector or Investigator, or Enforcement Officer
    $1000.00 (1st offence)
  • Offence: allow a fire to become a running fire, or let a running fire pass from owned or occupied property to the property of another.
Burn Permits