Agriculture Services

Kneehill County Agriculture Services Department provides residents and landowners with information and services aimed at advancing agriculture and enhancing the environment. Many of the responsibilities entrusted to this department are legislatively mandated by Alberta Provincial Acts and Regulations such as:

Ag Services during COVID-19

During these extraordinary times, Kneehill County is working to continue to provide many of our existing services and programs to our ratepayers. Our focus remains on the health and safety of the community, as well as that of our staff. While we work towards achieving this, and complying with the Alberta Provincial Health orders, some of our services and programs have needed to be modified and seasonal staffing reduced.

This may mean for instance, services such as mowing frequency for some of our 50+ locations, or spraying may be reduced or delayed from previous years as we work within the Provincial guidelines.

We are continually monitoring and evaluating any changes to public health orders for implications to our programming, and to continue ensuring the safety of the community and our staff. 

Thank you for you patience, and understanding.

Agriculture in Kneehill County

Kneehill County is primarily an agricultural community in Central Alberta. We have had an Ag Services Board since 1945, and remain a strong part of Council decisions.

Kneehill County Land Base

  • Cultivated Acres 643,304
  • Pasture Acres 150,490
  • Waste Acres 4,405
  • 3 Acre Sites & Hamlets 11,343
  • Crown & Municipal Acres 10,601

Average Farm Size in Kneehill County

  • Over 1,600 Acres - 21%
  • 1120 to 1599 Acres - 11%
  • 400 to 1119 Acres - 25%
  • 130 to 399 Acres - 25.5%
  • Under 130 Acres - 17%
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Contact Ag Services

Call 403-443-5541
Toll-Free 1-866-443-5541

Manager of Ag Services & Parks
Shelby Sherwick

Land Programming
Fallon Sherlock