Planning & Development

Land Use Bylaw (LUB)
Kneehill County's Land Use Bylaw sets out the details for development within the municipality. The LUB is a document that regulates and defines development within Kneehill County.
Land Use Bylaw 1773
Land Use Bylaw Amendments: Bylaw 1695 and Bylaw 1657
Land Use Bylaw Amendment:Bylaw 1720: Solterra Redesignation

Municipal Development Plan (MDP)
Kneehill County's Municipal Development Plan sets out the policies for development proposals in the municipality. The MDP provides a policy framework which ties into the values identified in the County's Strategic Plan. It is a tool which helps the County Council, Administration and the members of the community try to achieve a long-range vision for an appropriate balance between environmental integrity, economic prosperity, and social responsibility.

Municipal Development Plan Bylaw 1735
Municipal Development Plan Maps

Area Structure Plan, Strategic Plan
Kneehill County has many other planning documents to guide Council and Administration through the decision making process. The Strategic Plan is the over-arching vision of where we are ultimately wanting for the municipality to become in the future.

Area Structure Plans

Planning Services & COVID-19

Kneehill County’s Planning Department is working to provide a continued level of service for residents, and are happy to take planning questions over the phone, or through email.
Though not all applications can be processed at this time, staff will continue to assist wherever possible. Safety Codes permits will still be accepted. Subdivisions already approved and set to expire within the next 6 months have been granted an automatic 6-month extension.

Discussing Your Development

To ensure availability of our Development Officers, it is recommended to book an appointment with the Planning Department to discuss your planning needs. Please contact 403-443-5541.