Dust Control

2020 Dust Control

Kneehill County's Dust Control Program has concluded for 2022. 

The purpose of the program is to improve the quality of life in Kneehill County, where dust abatement agents may be applied on rural roads in front of farmsteads or residences. This program will be available again in the spring of 2023.

Dust Control Policies

Dust control is processed in accordance with Operations Policies. If a ratepayer would like a dust control treatment applied in front of their residence a Dust Control Application must be filled out and received by the County. The County will then prepare the road surface for treatment and maintain the road at its discretion.

Road Crush vs Washed Rock

Road surface gravel needs to be able to hold itself together to fight the effects of water and traffic. It requires a binder, in the form of particles of silt and clay to fill the voids between the larger aggregates and act as a sort of cement, surface gravel should not allow water to pass through into the base.

Calcium Chloride

Chlorides are hygroscopic compounds that draw moisture from the air and keep the road surface damp even under hot, dry conditions. It will become slippery with heavy rainfalls but will become a hard surface once dry. It is also used as a soil stabilizer for the road itself. Kneehill County is supplying a fresh supply of gravel before the application of any dust suppressant and this should help with any pothole issues as well.