Protective Services

Public Safety and Enforcement

Kneehill County Public Safety is staffed by Provincially appointed Peace Officers and provides a supplementary enforcement service to the RCMP.

Public Safety conducts activities within the boundaries of Kneehill County, Acme, Linden, Trochu, Carbon, and Three Hills.

The department enforces compliance with select provincial statutes and municipal bylaws. Particular attention is paid to infrastructure protection (commercial carrier compliance), public safety initiatives and enforcement.

Some examples are:

  • Traffic Safety Act (eg. Speeding, Uninsured motor vehicles)
  • Game and Liquor Act (eg. Public Intoxication)
  • Animal Control Bylaw (when applied to hamlets).
    Dog licensing is mandatory when residing within Hamlets and is at no charge.
  • Parks Protection Bylaw
  • Unsightly Bylaw(Dated 2011)

To contact Kneehill County Peace Officers, please call 403-443-5541

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