Rental Equipment

Rental Program Discontinued following Discovery of Clubroot

At the April 9th Regular Meeting of Council, the decision was made to discontinue the Ag Equipment Rental Program.

In order to protect our producers from potential spread of Clubroot and other diseases to their lands and livestock, and following the recommendations of the County insurance provider the Kneehill County Rental program is being discontinued.

The Agricultural Service Board has discussed and reviewed numerous aspects around the program and several scenarios were looked at in making this decision. Some of the scenarios where as follows; suspending the program, selling off only certain pieces of equipment, requiring renters to fully sanitize equipment in accordance with provincial protocols, after use, or the County conduct all sanitization processes.

Each of these where discussed in depth always looking through the lens of how would each option protecting and safeguarding our producer's lands, the viability of the program with each option, and ensuring the County doesn't become the point source for the spread of disease.

Key points which were then looked at are below:

  • Our municipal property insurance advised discontinuance
  • Biosecurity, long term profitability and viability of our producers and their lands
  • Further spread of diseases
  • The Counties liability
  • The cost of the program per year is around $70,000 plus capital equipment replacement contributions. Each piece of equipment is subsidized on average of 71%.
  • Competing with private industry (Rental equipment is available throughout our County at many dealerships, and at rental shops*)
  • Program usage and equity to all ratepayers (average only 1% of the current population used program)
  • Doesn't align with strategic plan in particular, fiscal responsibility
  • Donating cattle scale and chute to the District 4-H
  • Selling equipment locally through bid process
  • Several other programs can be offered for much less and cater to far more of our ratepayers

*When renting or purchasing equipment outside of the County, use caution to ensure the equipment has been sanitized prior to entering your lands. For more information click here "Clubroot and your lands".

The Agricultural Service Board is currently reviewing its 2020-2022 Business plan and is looking at new programs that can cater to the majority of our producers, as well as being more cost effective.

For more information on this decision, please call your local Councillor, your Ag Service Board, or Agriculture Services Manager.



Ag Fieldman & Ag Manager: Bowen Clausen