Utility Billing and Set-Up

Utility Services

To receive utility services for water (and sewage, if applicable) when you move into a Kneehill County Hamlet (Wimborne, Torrington, Swalwell or Huxley) or Water Service Area, simply fill out a Utility Application online, or call the County Office at 403-443-5541 and provide us with the following information:

  • Your name and mailing address
  • Date of service connection, and
  • Your service address.

New! Receive your Utility Invoice via Email

Complete a Utility Application and choose email as your Billing Statement option, or sign up for E-Billing here.

Water Service Areas and Notification

If an event occurs that may cause an issue with a Kneehill County water system, a notification will be posted on the home page of our website, as well as Kneehill County’s Facebook and Twitter account (@kneehillcounty). You can also visit our Water Notices Page for water tips, meter care, and annual waterline flushing information.

The notification will indicate the Water Service Area affected and a description of the event.

Not sure which Water Service Area you belong to? You can find the information on your utility bill, as shown:

Water Service Area

For after-hours water emergencies, call 403-443-5541 or Toll-Free 1-866-443-5541.

Paying your Utility Bill

Online Banking

Pay your utility bills online through your Canadian financial institution’s website. You must add Kneehill County as a payee and choose the Utilities option. Make sure that you add your current eight-digit utility account number, without the decimal point (which appears on the front of your utility bill.)

Utility Account

By Cheque

Cheques may be mailed to Box 400, Three Hills, AB., T0M 2A0 or dropped off at the Kneehill County Office, located at 1600, 2nd Street NE, Three Hills, AB. There is a secure, after-hours drop-box located at the front entrance as well.

Pre-Authorized Debit

The County accepts pre-authorized debit payments for all bi-monthly utility bills. Please complete the Utility PAD Agreement and forward it to the office for processing.

Credit Card Payment

We now accept Visa and MasterCard payments for utilities and other items.

General Information

  • All utility billings will be sent to the landowner, not the renter, and non-payment of the utility bill could result in the transfer of outstanding balances to their taxes pursuant to the Municipal Government Act, Section 553.If the water account is unpaid for more than 60 days, the water may be turned off
  • Effective July 1, 2022, a flat monthly fee of $30.00, plus the cost of water, will be assessed for each water user.
  • The cost of water & sewer rates are outlined in the current Master Rates Bylaw
  • Hook-Up Requests: If a request is received from the owner of an un-serviced property in a hamlet area and the property can be serviced by installing a service line this shall be done upon County approval at the land owner’s cost. The owner shall also be responsible for having the lines installed from property line into the residence at his own cost.
  • Bi-Monthly Utility Invoices: you will be billed by the 10th of the billing month and payment is due the last day of that month, with a 1.5% penalty levied on any outstanding balance after the end of the month and every month. i.e: The November/December Huxley utility invoices to be billed January 10th and due on January 30th with a 1.5% penalty on any balance outstanding as of February 1st and every month thereafter. 

Billing Graph

Huxley Exceptions:

  • Lots 19-24, Block 4, Plan 6680AP (NW 17-34-23-W4, 112 Railway Avenue South) (hydrant only) to be billed the monthly fee in addition to a flat rate of $9.75 per month for the cost of water.

Wimborne Exceptions:

  • Lot 3 & N1/2 of Lot 4, Block 3, Plan 7015EF (NW 26-33-26-W4, 116 First Avenue South) has a sewer hook-up only. 

Water and Waste Water Services Bylaw

Utility Billing Policy