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Winter Water Meter Care  

Kneehill County’s Utility Department would like to remind all water system users that their water meter equipment is susceptible to freezing. The onus of care and protection of the meters is the responsibility of the user.

If a water meter freezes, the meter will have to be replaced and the cost associated with the replacement is charged to the customer.

Please ensure that your water meter is in a frost-free location, and any means being used to keep the meter from freezing are in good working order (ex. heat tape, insulation tape, etc.) and connected to a safe power source.

For more winter water tips and information, please contact Kneehill County, 403-443-5541.

Water Service Areas Map

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Kneehill County has a variety of water resources and lines serving different areas of residents.

We maintain Alberta Environment Standards for water testing procedures and timelines.


Elevated Fluoride in Water Supply