Staff Contacts

Mike Haugen, CLGM
Chief Administrative Officer

Bill McKennan, B.Comm, CPA, CMA
Director of Corporate Services  

Laurie Watt, CLGM
Director of Community Services

Brad Buchert
Director of Transportation

Debra Grosfield, CLGM
Manager of Protective Services

Bowen Clausen
Manager ASB and Parks

Barb Hazelton
Manager of Planning and Development

John Mckiernan
Manager of Environmental Services

Will Wolfe
Manager of Financial Operations

Christine Anderson
Communications Officer

Shelby Sherwick
Kneehill County's Employee of the year 2019!

Shelby was chosen by her peers for her hard work, positive attitude, dependability, and her emphasis on the value of teamwork.

As Kneehilll County's Public Lands Coordinator, Shelby leads with energy, setting an example for her team by volunteering her time to ensure the success of their department. Through innovative processes, planning, and attention to detail, Shelby has contributed to a safer Ag Services team through excellence in all aspects of her work.

We are proud to name her Employee of the Year!

At the Kneehill County Christmas Celebration the following employees were also recognized for their dedicated service:

Celebrating 5 Years

  • Ann Wade 
  • Berwyn Koch 
  • Christine Anderson 
  • Connor Cunningham 
  • Deb Grosfield
  • Elizabeth Hall 
  • Mike Conkin
  • Ryan Ellerton 
  • Ben Johnston

Celebrating 10 years

  • Robert Cranston 
  • Richard Clarkson
  • Gene Caswell