Staff Contacts

Mike Haugen, CLGM
Chief Administrative Officer

Bill McKennan, B.Comm, CPA, CMA
Director of Corporate Services  

Laurie Watt, CLGM
Director of Community Services

Mike Ziehr, C.E.T
Director of Infrastructure

Debra Grosfield, CLGM
Manager of Protective Services

Shelby Sherwick
Manager ASB and Parks

Barb Hazelton
Manager of Planning and Development

John Mckiernan
Manager of Environmental Services

Christine Anderson
Communications Officer

Christine Anderson
Kneehill County's Employee of the year 2020!

Christine is Kneehill County's Communications Officer, responsible for the development and implementation of internal and external communication policies and strategies for the County. She provides communications support to Council and administration, maintains and updates Kneehill County's website and social media accounts.

We are proud to name her Employee of the Year!

Kneehill County would like to recognize the following employees for their years of dedicated service:

Celebrating 5 Years

  • Jeff Anderson
  • Tim Bellerive
  • David Burden
  • Arthur Dunn
  • Paul Ellerton
  • Adam Evans
  • Jessie Kasha

Celebrating 10 Years

  • Bowen Clausen
  • John Mckiernan
  • Herb Taylor
  • Lorna Yost

Celebrating 15 Years

  • Brandy Morgan
  • Alan Kostrosky
  • Will Nyman
  • Sherman Rilling
  • Laurie Watt

Celebrating 20 Years

  • Garry Mammel
  • Gord Sept