Strategic Plan

In February of 2019, Kneehill County Council engaged in a strategic planning session, determining the Vision, Values and Strategic Priorities for Kneehill County, called a Strategic Plan.

The Strategic Plan was approved at the June 11, 2019 Regular Council Meeting.

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The Strategic Plan is like a road map, guiding Kneehill County on a journey to its future destination.

Each Strategic Priority points the way, like a landmark or road sign, showing us: "How we will get there".

...Improving Fiscal Sustainability
...Preserving Rural Way of Life
...Pursuing Focused Growth
...Ensuring Communications & Engagement
...Providing Good Governance

The Values set by Council describe: "What we are taking with us on the journey."

Accountability - Everything we do is for the good of Kneehill County as a whole
Integrity – We embody high standards of ethical conduct in all situations
Collaboration/Cooperation - We believe in being involved and taking a regional approach 
Respectful – We endeavour to be welcoming and treat others fairly and consistently 
Transparency - To the extent possible, our decision making is open so all can understand 
Equitable – We seek to be fair and ask only to be treated fairly 
Health & Safety – We are committed to ensuring the health and safety of our stakeholders

The Vision describes: "Where we are going."

Kneehill County is a well-respected community with strong leadership, pursuing development that promotes quality of life in a rural environment and where customers are satisfied with services provided.

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