Road Bans

Kneehill County ROAD BANS effective 

Monday, May 29, 2023, at 7:00 am Local Time

Year-Round Road Bans 2023


  • 75% - Airport Road
    (RR 23-4, from Hwy 583 South to Airport)
  • 100% - Allingham Road 
    (TWP 32-0, from intersection of Hwy 583 West to County border)
  • 100% - Buffalo Jump Road 
    (TWP 34-4, from Hwy 21 East to RR 22-0)
  • 75% - Gorr Road
    (RR 25-1, from Hwy 583 north to Hwy 27)
  • 100% - Hastie Hwy 
    (RR 25-1, from Hwy 27 north to Hwy 587)
  • 100% - Linden Home Road 
    (RR 25-4, from TWP 30-4 North to TWP 31-0)
  • 75% - PBI Road
    (RR 24-0, from Town of Three Hills North to TWP 32-2)
  • 100% - Linden East 
    (TWP 30-4, from Hwy 806 West to County Border)
  • 100% - Linden West 
    (TWP 30-4, from Village of Linden border East to Hwy 21)
road closed

Road Closures

Spot a problem on our roads?

Call the office, 403-443-5541 to report, or use our Report-A-Concern form online. 

Road Ban Exemption Request

Users may apply for an exception to a road weight restriction (road ban) placed on a Kneehill County roadway. 
Road Ban Exemption Form

Permitting Overweight Movement

Permitting any overweight movement on County roads handled by Roadata Services. or 1-888-830-7623. Permitting for Provincial highways overweight/over-dimension loads through Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation.

Provincial Highway Bans

Effective November 11, 2022, at 1:00 pm: Alberta Transportation has issued a new Road Ban list for provincial roadways within municipal borders. View AB Transportation's Road Ban list

Contact  Alberta Transportation, or the Regional Transportation office in Hanna, AB, 403-845-5550 for more information. Please drive safely and obey traffic rules.

Provincial/Alberta Transportation Projects

Provincial highway/construction projects within Kneehill County are posted here for resident information. Please note, these are not Kneehill County roads. We share the information on behalf of Alberta Transportation. 

Visit or for more information.