Voting Stations2021 Election Division Map

Voting stations open at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, October 18, 2021, and will remain open until 8:00 p.m. When the voting station is declared closed at 8:00 p.m., any Elector in the voting station who wishes to vote shall be permitted to do so, but no other person shall be allowed to enter the voting station.

Voting Station Locations- To Be Determined

For the purpose of a municipal election, the County typically has multiple Voting Stations. Each Voting Station shall serve a specific portion of the County. Voting Station locations will be advertised once they are known. 

Voter Eligibility

A person is eligible to vote in the municipal election if the person:

  1. is at least 18 years old;
  2. is a Canadian citizen; and
  3. resides in Alberta, and is a resident of the County on Election Day.

Every person who arrives at a voting station for the purpose of voting shall verify their eligibility to vote by completing a Voting Register. Once the Voting Register is completed, the Voter will then be given a ballot.

Voter identification will be required for the municipal election. The identification requirement sets a uniform standard of one piece of picture identification or one piece of identification authorized by the Chief Electoral Officer under the Election Act.

Voter Identification Eligibility Requirements

The Local Authority Election Act (LAEA) establishes the requirements for verification of an Elector’s identity and current residence, as stated in the signed Voting Register. The Elector must produce one piece of photo identification with their name and address, issued by a Canadian government (federal, provincial, local, or an agency thereof), or one piece of identification authorized by the Chief Electoral Officer under the Election Act, including the Elector’s name and address.

Any of the following documents that include the Elector’s name and address on it will be accepted as valid proof:

  • Photo identification issued by a Canadian government or agency, whether federal, provincial or local;
  • Bank/credit card statement or personal cheque;
  • Correspondence issued by a school, college, or university;
  • Government cheque or cheque stub;
  • Income/property tax assessment notice;
  • Insurance policy or coverage card;
  • Letter from a public curator, public guardian, or public trustee;
  • Pension Plan statement of benefits, contributions, or participation;
  • Residential lease or mortgage statement;
  • Statement of government benefits: e.g. employment insurance, old-age security, social assistance, disability support, or child tax benefit;
  • Utility bill: e.g. phone, public utilities commission, television, electricity, gas or water;
  • Vehicle ownership, registration or insurance certificate; or
  • A letter or form confirming that the person lives at the stated address. The letter can be signed by any of the following:
  • authorized representative of a commercial property management company;
  • authorized representative of a correctional institution;
  • authorized representative of a First Nations band or reserve;
  • authorized representative of a post-secondary institution;
  • authorized representative of a facility that provides services to the homeless; or
  • authorized representative of a supportive living facility or treatment centre.

Advance Vote Dates

Voting Station Accessibility