Citizens in Action


Welcome to the Kneehill County Citizens In Action Program!

We are looking for Citizens who believe in the importance and power of community. This program focuses on community development, self-empowerment, gratitude, and kindness.

Citizens in Action members will receive secret missions throughout the school year, via mail. These missions will develop, empower, and #catchkindness. These members will have the opportunity to represent their community as an Agent of Awesome, and they will #MAKEAWESOMEHAPPEN!Citizens in Action

What do the Agents do? They will be asked to find opportunities to Catch Kindness in our community. To acknowledge it on behalf of their school, their village, town or County, and on behalf of the CIA Program. Where they can't see awesome, they will then Make Awesome Happen!

The CIA is a leadership development program, built to enhance current and future leaders in your community.

Our Vision
To be leaders in promoting healthy, positive, kind, and community-based lifestyles among its government, citizens, and businesses. 

Our Mission
Fostering open dialogue, common goals, and positive leadership/citizenship. Finding opportunities to acknowledge citizens, government, and business contributions towards positive community engagement and growth. 

Our Values
Doing the right thing, in the right way, at the right time, for the right reasons. 

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