Road Closures

Notification of Bridge Closure

February 20, 2020: Please be advised that the following bridge, located on Twp Rd 27-5, East of Rge Rd 21-0A, has been closed until further notice.

Bridge Closed

Notification of Road Closures:

Road Re-Opened March 2, 2020: Twp Rd 33-4, between Rge Rd 26-5 & Rge Rd 26-4, is now open.

Road Closed Twp 33-4

Road Re-Opened February 21, 2020: Twp Rd 33-4, between Rge Rd 25-1 & Rge Rd 25-0, is now open.

Twp Rd 33-4 Road Closed

Provincial/Alberta Transportation Projects in our Area

Please note, the following are not Kneehill County roads. We are sharing the information on behalf of Alberta Transportation. Please visit for more information.

HWY 27 (Red Deer River) Bridge Construction (ALBERTA TRANSPORTATION)

Demolition and replacement of the Morrin Bridge will be taking place starting on September 19, 2017. Traffic will continue on the existing bridge until the replacement bridge is complete. Expect delays. 

Morrin Bridge 

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