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Kneehill County:
Celebrating 75 Years of Rural Living

Congratulations to our 75th Anniversary Photo Contest Winners!

1st Place- Rachel Brown, “Spring Sunset, Farm Silhouette”

2nd Place- Tyson Yost, “Milky Way” 

3rd Place- Cheryl Pask, “Approaching Storm”

4th Place- Terri Tainsh, “Supercell”

 5th Place- Tyson Yost, “Falling Barn”

6th Place- Tyson Yost, “Just an old Creek”

7th Place- Tara Hodge, “Counting down the Days”

8th Place- Clarissa Lewis, “Road with a View”

9th Place- Sharon Peters, “Journey in Time”

10th Place- Terri Tainsh, “View of Keiver’s Lake on a beautiful day."

11thPlace- Grady Kubinec, “Valley”

12th place- Christine De Bruyn, “Mule Deer in the Woods”

Keep an eye out for a Kneehill County resident calendar, featuring the contest photos, coming this winter!