Water Distribution

Churchill Area Water System Rehabilitation Project

This rehabilitation project is intended to provide a consistent, reliable water service to all users in this area.

In comparison to our other rural systems, our target potential is 4 imperial gallons per minute (igpm) at 40 psi.

The current system is unreliable for many, as it was designed for only 27 residential users, including the use of personal cisterns and restricted flow of 1 igpm.

This project includes a re-engineered system, increasing the number and size of some waterlines, re-aligning some of the waterlines, construction of a reservoir and pump house, including a bulk fill station.

Current Residential Connections

All residences currently connected to the Churchill Water system will be subject to alterations to some degree.

All residence services will be retrofitted with a flow restrictor and a pressure regulator.

Residences that are currently connected to a waterline that has been determined to be re-aligned or resized will result in their service being reconnected to the new line.

The current source of water will not change. The current source of water is treated at the Town of Drumheller water treatment plant.

Reservoir & Pump House

The reservoir and pump house will be located at SW 28-28-20 W4.

The reservoir will have a capacity of 650 m3 . The pump house will incorporate multiple pumps to ensure consistent flow. An on-site natural gas generator will reduce disruption to your service during times of power outages.

The pump house site will include a bulk water station to allow users 24 hour access to potable water.

Potential New Connections

Following the completion of the rehabilitation project, residents considered adjacent (within 100 meters) of an installed water line, may submit a water model application and relevant fee to the County. If the water model returns that the connection is viable for your property, you may continue the process by remitting the riser fee.

The riser fee will include a connection to the waterline, the installation of a meter lift pit and curb stop at or close to the property line. The remainder of the installation from the meter lift pit and curb stop will be the responsibility of the landowner and cover all associated costs. Once the install is complete, a utility account would then be opened.

churchill area map
churchill project area map
churchill bulk fill 1
churchill bulk fill 2