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  1. Open to the Public starting July 2

    With the Province moving into Stage 3 of their "Open for Summer" plan, the Kneehill County office will open to the public starting Friday, July 2, 2021. Read on...
  2. Alberta: Open for Summer

    On May 26 the Province of Alberta announced the "Open for Summer" plan, a three-stage road map to lifting COVID-19 health restrictions and safely getting back to normal. Read on...
  3. Kneehill County's COVID-19 Response

    Kneehill County staff and administration continue to implement measures as advised by the province and Alberta Health Services to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our communities. Read on...
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Kneehill County

 Kneehill County Service Status as of July 1, 2021




Campgrounds and Parks

Campgrounds opened May 21, 2021.
Horseshoe Canyon and Orkney Viewpoint are now open for the season. 

Council & Committee Meetings

Regular Council meetings continue.Residents can attend Council meetings in person, or watch the meetings live online, via Kneehill County’s Youtube Channel.

Customer Service

The Administration building is now open to the public during regular business hours.

Face masks are optional.

Physical barriers are in place, and increased sanitization will continue to ensure staff and resident safety.

The admin building is open to the public.

Customer service is available during regular business hours.
Call 403-443-5541 or email the Office.

Enforcement and Patrol

Peace Officers continue to patrol our communities.Continuing service. 

Fire & Emergency Services

Emergency responses for fire remain in service. Fire personnel may have increased personal protective equipment and may use discretion in attending sick person calls where the ambulance is already on their way.

911 Emergency Dispatch remains in service through a contracted service provider.
Continuing service.

Fire Permitting

A full fire ban is now in effect.
Visit our Fire Ban page for more information.

Fire Safety Codes

Fire Safety Codes Officers are available.Please call 403-443-5541 for assistance.

Kneehill Regional Family and Community Support Services

Available to assist residents in the Kneehill area by phone or appointment only.  Call 403-443-3800 for assistance between 9 am and 12 pm,
and from 1 pm to 4 pm.

Planning & Development Services

Development, subdivision and safety code permits are available in person, through email, and over the phone. 

Call 403-443-5541 or stop by the Kneehill County office during regular business hours. 


All of Kneehill County’s playgrounds (playgrounds in Torrington, Swalwell, Huxley, Wimborne and at Keiver’s Lake) are open. Playgrounds are open, use at own risk.

Public Engagement and Events

All Kneehill County Workshops and Events will continue virtually or in-person.Visit our events calendar for more information. 


Continuing service.

Tax Certificates & Assessments

The Administration building is now open to the public.

Call 403-443-5541, or stop by the Kneehill County office during regular business hours.

Transfer Sites

Kneehill County Transfer Stations (Torrington, Linden, Carbon, and Three Hills) remain open.  Visit our Transfer Site page for hours of operation and more information.

Utility Payments

The Administration building is now open to the public. 

Call 403-443-5541, or stop by the Kneehill County office during regular business hours.

Water and Wastewater Services

The utilities billing office is now open to the public.

Utilities/water service continues.

Call 403-443-5541, or stop by the Kneehill County office during regular business hours.

Water and wastewater service continues.

Kneehill County is carefully monitoring the COVID-19 health risk for any new developments and will follow public health restrictions for mass gatherings, recommendations for social distancing and other safety protocols in accordance with Alberta Health Services’ (AHS) and the Government of Alberta’s public health actions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question not listed here? Let us know! Email, or call 403-443-5541. 

Kneehill County COVID-19 News Releases