Oil and Gas Assessment Changes

Kneehill County needs your support!

Kneehill County has been notified of changes proposed by the Province of Alberta that would reduce property taxes for some oil and gas companies through changes to the way their assessment is conducted.

These assessment changes would reduce property taxes for some oil and gas companies, shifting the tax burden from industry to County residents, commercial properties, and local businesses. 

The four assessment scenarios proposed by the Province would result in significant tax revenue loss for the County, ranging from $3.5 million (best case) to $7.3 million (worst case). For Kneehill County to recoup this substantial loss, drastic cuts to services, extreme tax increases, and service fee escalations would be required. Support traditionally given to local municipalities, recreation facilities, and community groups would also be in jeopardy.

 “The Province needs to hear from you, our residents and ratepayers, before they come to a decision. We urge you to speak out about the proposed changes. Once the decision is made—which should happen in the next few weeks—it will be virtually impossible to reverse.”

- Kneehill County Reeve, Jerry Wittstock

What can you do? 

We encourage County residents to become informed about the potential impacts of these changes and to voice your concerns:

Contact MLA Nathan Cooper
Phone: 403.556.3132 or 780.427.2464
Email: OldsDidsbury.ThreeHills@assembly.ab.ca

Contact Minister of Municipal Affairs Tracy Allard
Phone: 780.427.3744
Email: minister.municipalaffairs@gov.ab.ca

Kneehill County Councillors continue to engage the Province and work with the RMA (Rural Municipalities of Alberta) to advocate on your behalf. Please continue following Kneehill County for updates on this issue, and call your local Councillor if you have questions about these changes.


Assessment Review Presentation, from the August 18, 2020 Council Meeting.

  1. August 4, 2020: Kneehill County Lobbies Province against Oil & Gas Assessment Changes

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  2. July 28, 2020: Oil and Gas Assessment Changes

    The Province of Alberta has proposed changes that would reduce property taxes for some oil and gas companies and have severe impacts on the County and our residents. Read on...

Assessment Model Review Presentation

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