Roadside Vegetation Management

Roadside Vegetation Management by Private Landowners

Private landowners may cut and bale grass along the County's right-of-way providing they adhere to Kneehill County's Haying County Road Allowances Policy

Please note haying along primary and secondary highways is under the approval and permitting of Alberta Transportation. View Haying the Right-of-Way for more information.

Private landowners are also permitted to mow vegetation as they see fit along any County right-of-way adjacent to their property.

Roadside Mowing

The annual roadside mowing program aims to increase visibility on roadways, reduce snow drifting, and aid in controlling invasive plants. Starting in August each year, contracted mowers make their way across approximately 2520 ditch miles in the County, cutting an 8ft width from the gravels edge into the ditch. 

Gravel Recovery Spraying

The Ag Services and Operations Departments work together to deliver the gravel recovery spraying program. This program uses targeted herbicide applications to eliminate the encroachment of vegetation and prevent the loss of drivable road width.

Inquiries about these programs can be directed to Agriculture Services at the Kneehill County office, 403-443-5541.