2021 Road & Bridge Projects

2021 Bridge and Road Projects Map

Key Dates

  • March 2021
    Project Budget Approved
  • June 14, 2021
    Paving begins on Rge Rd 25-1. Estimated completion date is June 30 (weather dependent).
  • September 2021
    BF8856 (Hesketh) bridge replacement.
  • Late 2021
    BF6948 and BF76459 scheduled for replacement.

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Kneehill County has 212 bridge structures throughout the municipality, consisting of major bridges, standard bridges, and bridge size culverts. Several bridge structures are slated for replacement in 2021.

BF8856 (NW 12-29-22) on RNG RD 22-1 (Hesketh):

  • The current weight/width/height-restricted truss bridge was replaced with a 3-span Sheetpile Abutment/pipe pier structure that accepts legal loads, with a width of 9m between the low height guardrails. This new bridge eliminates the need for the low-level creek crossing, (which caused issues in the spring), and allows machinery to cross the bridge instead of detouring 24 km to cross the creek.
  • FUNDING: Cost shared with received grant funding from the province under the Municipal Stimulus Program (MSP)
  • COMPLETION: Construction began in September and is now complete. 

BF6948 (SE 1-30-25) on TWP RD 30-0:

  • Bridge culverts will be replaced, as the current culverts do not meet inspection standards of deflection and are restricting flow. This project is still in the design stage.
  • FUNDING: 75% cost-shared with the Province under STIP (Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program.) 
  • COMPLETION: Scheduled late 2021, depending on further provincial regulatory approvals.

BF76459 (SE 17-30-24) on TWP RD 30-2:

  • The bridge culvert will be replaced due to damage from rust.
  • FUNDING: 75% cost-shared with the province under the STIP (Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program.) 
  • COMPLETION: Scheduled for late 2021.


The 7-year road plan, adopted by Council in 2015, identified roadways that would take high/heavy traffic off other local roadways to form part of an arterial road network every 5-6 miles. It also took into consideration which roadways had significant rebuilds in the past and utilized the shoulder-pull program to bring back crown and positive drainage to the road top. 

RGE RD 25-1, Hwy 27 to Hwy 587:  

Approx. 12.5 km of the existing chip seal has been replaced with a 100mm ACP pavement. 

Council was presented with 3 options to improve this road during the 2021 budget deliberations:

  1. Keep the road as chip seal (Requiring year-round road bans.)
  2. Apply ACP pavement (reducing the ban to a seasonal ban only.)
  3. Turning the road back into a gravel roadway. 

Council chose to apply ACP pavement due to the significant cost reduction of pavement during this downturn in the economy— the lowest price they have been in over 15 years. 

There are not a lot of options for thru roadways in the area between Hwy 27 and Hwy 587—west of RGE RD 25-1 there is only Hwy 806, and east of RGE RD 25-1 is limited to gravel roadways that would require full rebuilds to handle these heavy loads. At a cost estimate of $650,000/mile (x 8 miles), it would cost the County $5.2 million dollars to rebuild a gravel road versus the cost of $2.7 million to pave RGE RD 25-1.

Paving on RGE RD 25-1, between Hwy 27 and Hwy 587, is now complete, and the road ban has been updated to 100%.