How do I use MuniSite?
  • The MuniSite web map works best in Google Chrome
  • Login as "guest" if you don't have a profile. You’ll be led to a disclaimer page, review and click ‘Accept’ to proceed
  • To navigate the map, simply click anywhere on the map and drag to the location you want to view
  •  The zoom tools at the top of the page allow you to zoom in or out on a property
  • The “Searches” tab, to the left of the map, allows you to search by parcel or address
  • The “Legend” tab allows you to select a specific map feature
  • Drawing, measurement, and text tools are also located to the left of the map
  • A spinning blue circle in the bottom right-hand corner of the map indicates the page is loading. If you prompt an action but receive no response, simply wait for the circle to stop spinning.
  • Click the “?” icon in the top right corner of the screen for further support
  • The map cannot be broken! Feel free to click, zoom and rotate as you wish but remember that all user input is lost as soon as the map is closed.

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2. How do I use MuniSite?